In many european countries you can buy Brantho-Korrux from an agent or importer with stock and all required information in your language. Please ask us if you need a contact.

From most other countries you can purchase Brantho-Korrux directly from the manufacturer, if you agree to correspond in English or German, to receive all paperwork in German, this also applies to invoice, safety-data, information on the can etc.

We do not deliver to the United States of America or Canada (for insurance reasons).

Our cans and packing are perfect for lorry- or sea-transport. We do not organise air-transport or air-parcel-transport.

In this english-language-section you find information on those of our products that are used in larger quantities beyond german speaking countries. For more information and information about our other products please contact us (see below) or try the german-language main section.

Brantho-Korrux "3 in 1"
semi-gloss primer and top-coat for all metal surfaces, excellent adhesion, easy to use