Brantho-Korrux “3in1” combines 3 main features in 1 product
“Easy to apply” Brantho-Korrux 3-in-1
• apply by brush, roller, any spray-type
• apply and dry between minus 10°C and plus 30°C
• one component, no mixing-ratio, pot-life etc.
• all leftovers can be used
• primer, intermediate and top-coat
• suitable for all metal-surfaces, however prepared
• suitable for only manually derusted surfaces and old paint
• surface must only be: clean-dry-firm
• may be applied on humid surfaces
• can be overcoated at any time
• may be overcoated with any type of topcoat
• must never be grinded/roughened for overcoating
• safe transport, -storage and -disposal

“Perfect-protection” Brantho-Korrux 3-in-1
• successfully NORSOK tested
• tested according ISO 12944, all climates and durations
• product and QS-system evaluated by TÜV
• QS-certificate for each batch if required
• WSV(waterways)-, DB(railways)-, mining-approved
• RoHS, 200/53/EG, ILRS-list approved
• long-term experienced manufacturer since 1887
• proven on more than 50 million sqm.
• high thickness per layer without sagging
• excellent edge-covering and protection
• for buildings, constructions, vehicles, machinery, pipes etc.
• for newbuilt, repair, maintenance, refurbishment etc.
• on metals, old paint, new primers, powder-coatings etc.

„Green“ Brantho-Korrux 3-in-1
• produced under EMAS and ISO 14001
• produced without dangerous waste
• produced with 100 % CO2-neutral energy
• biocide-free
• free from heavy-metals (no lead, zinc, cadmium, cromates etc.)
• aromatic-free solvents (no xylene, -toluol, -benzol etc.)
• low-VOC = high content of solids
• no pictogram “Danger” (only “Warning”)
• no pictogram “Harmful to the environment”
• not “dangerous goods” for road/rail-transport
• only “LQ” for sea-transport (in cans smaller than 450 ltrs)
• safe for children’s-toys (EN 71-3), safe for usual food-contact
• safe for indoor use (ventilate during and after use)

There are other easy-to-apply coatings,
but are they comparably green, do they provide comparable protection?

There are other excellent coatings available,
but are they as easy to use, are they as environment-friendly?

There are other green paints and coatings,
but are they as good, equally easy to use?