A Brief History
"Branth-Chemie A.V.Branth" was founded in 1887 in Hamburg to deliver paints and coatings to the dairy-industry to protect walls and machinery.

During the first 50 years also many clients in the food-, beverage- and brewery-industry used the advantages of "Branth-Coatings" in their aggressive environment.

In 1956 the first Brantho-Korrux was introduced, a lead-free one-coat anti-corrosion paint with high-solid properties. Since then the quality of Brantho-Korrux has been improved drastically.

Since 1987 the most successful Brantho-Korrux type ("3 in 1") is being used by thousands of industrial clients in central europe as a multi-purpose primer and top-coat for almost all metall-surfaces.

The latest Brantho-Korrux-type is waterborne, named "ecopakt", and is sold in larger quantities since the second half of 1999.

Brantho-Korrux metall-coatings are easy to use, ensure excellent protection and a high environmental compatibility ever since.

In 2002 we started to build a new factory for Brantho-Korrux in Glinde (very close to and east of Hamburg) which went into production in 2004. At the same time we gave up the old site from the 19th century near the harbour of Hamburg.

In 2012  we celebrate our 125th anniversary. Click the image below for the pdf-version of our anniversary folder.